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Healthcare Leadership Summerschool 2012

In the summer of 2012 the first edition of the Healthcare Leadership Summerschool took place in Austerlitz, the Netherlands. Sixty-four medical students from over 28 countries came together to undertake a ‘personal journey towards changing healthcare’. Since true change can only come from within an individual, we developed a training program based on three pillars: the doctor as a key figure in society, the mindbody connection and the power of a mindset, and skills to be compassionate, effective and creative. We want to bring compassion and care back to the centre of healthcare. Participants learned to look within themselves and learned that through sharing their thoughts, emotions and experiences, new possibilities open up.

As one participant described it: “My key learning is that change starts by myself! By believing in myself and my own strengths, I can contribute to the change in healthcare, and not only healthcare but also changes in daily life, in my personal life.”

Through our international ‘We want Patch – campaign’, we were fortunate enough to welcome Patch Adams to share his story and teachings in a full 2 days workshop. The Patch Adams seminar, open to public, attracted another 100 people who did not want to miss a Saturday afternoon with Patch.

We are currently in the process of reflecting and taking in all that we have learned. We will be back with new projects and new plans for the future when the time is right. We warmly welcome you to join us on this journey.

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